Goal Line

Entertainment / Football / Goal Line: A line drawn across the width of the field, 10 yards inside each end line, which a team must cross with the ball to score a touchdown.

Other Words for Goal

Goal Noun Synonyms: object, aim, purpose, end, objective, target, ambition, ideal, aspiration

Other Words for Line

Line Verb Synonyms: interline, cover, face, ceil
Line Adjective Synonyms: mark, pencil-mark, pen-mark, rule, score, stroke, underline, underscore, diagonal, slash, virgule, shilling-mark, solidus, separatrix, oblique
Line Noun Synonyms: wrinkle, crease, crinkle, furrow, crow's-foot

Line To Gain

Entertainment / Football / Line To Gain: A line parallel to the goal lines, such that having the ball dead beyond it entitles the offense to a new series of downs, i.e. A new 'first down'. The line is 10 yards in advance of where the ball wa MORE


Business / Finance / Goal: Used in the context of general equities. Sell interest ('we've got 50 IBM to go'.). MORE

Goal Judge

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goal Judge: One of two officials who are responsible for determining whether the puck has passed between the goal posts and completely across the goal line, the two requirements for a legal goal. The judge sits i MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goalposts: The metal bars that frame the area to which the net is attached which rests on the center of the goal line and between which a puck must pass to score a goal. MORE

Line Of Scrimmage

Entertainment / Football / Line Of Scrimmage: One of two vertical planes parallel to the goal line when the ball is to be put in play by scrimmage. For each team in American football, the line of scrimmage is through the point of the ball closest MORE

Red Line

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Red Line: A line, 12 inches wide, that extends across the ice midway between the goal lines. Also known as the center line. MORE