Hail Mary

Entertainment / Football / Hail Mary: A long pass play, thrown towards a group of receivers near the end zone in hope of a touchdown. Used by a team as a last resort as time is running out in either of two halves (usually by a team trailing in the second half). Refers to the Catholic prayer.

Other Words for Hail

Hail Adjective Synonyms: greet, accost, address, signal, call
Hail Verb Synonyms: cheer, salute, applaud, approve, glorify, praise, laud, honor, acclaim, congratulate, felicitate, acknowledge

Primary Radar

Technology / Radar / Primary Radar: Primary radar systems receive reflections of their own transmitted signals as returned signals from the target. MORE

Primary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Primary Production: The production of living matter by photosynthesizing organisms or by chemosynthesizing organisms. Usually expressed as grams of carbon per square meter per year MORE

Primary Process

Science / Psychiatry / Primary Process: In psychoanalytic theory, the generally unorganized mental activity characteristic of the unconscious. This activity is marked by the free discharge of energy and excitation without regard to the dema MORE

Primary Recovery

Science / Geology / Primary Recovery: Any crude oil or natural gas that is recovered from a well as a result of the natural pressure within the reservoir. MORE

Primary Root

Science / Biology / Primary Root: The first root formed by a plant. MORE

Primary Source

Entertainment / Literature / Primary Source: Literary scholars distinguish between primary sources, secondary sources, and educational resources. Students should also. To understand the difference, click here. MORE