Entertainment / Football / Playoffs: The post-season tournament that determines the NFL champion.


Entertainment / Basketball / Overtime: The extra period(s) played after a regulation game ends tied; also called OT. MORE

Playoff Beard

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Playoff Beard: A playoff beard is the superstitious practice of a national hockey league (nhl) player not shaving his beard during the stanley cup playoffs. MORE

Wild Card

Entertainment / Football / Wild Card: A team that makes the NFL playoffs by having one of the 2 best records among non-division winners in its conference. MORE

Super Bowl

Entertainment / Football / Super Bowl: The championship game of the NFL, played between the champions of the AFC and NFC at a neutral site each January; it is the culmination of the NFL playoffs. MORE

Fantasy Football

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Fantasy Football: A league based on the actual statistics of NFL players. Each team is assembled through an auction or a draft, with the objective to outscore your opponent each week. Leagues can use either basic scori MORE