Abstract Poem

Entertainment / Literature / Abstract Poem: Verse that makes little sense grammatically or syntactically but which relies on auditory patterns create its meaning or poetic effects, Dame Edith Sitwell popularized the term, considering this verse form the equivalent of abstract painting (Deutsche 7). Sitwell's poems from her collection Fa???§ade are samples of this genre, including her poem 'Hornpipe.'

Other Words for Abstract

Abstract Verb Synonyms: epitomize, abbreviate, digest, summarize, condense, shorten, abridge, cut, cut down, synopsize
Abstract Adjective Synonyms: theoretical, unapplied, notional, ideational, conceptual, metaphysical, unpractical, intellectual
Abstract Noun Synonyms: summary, epitome, synopsis, essence, digest, condensation, survey, conspectus, extract, outline, précis, résumé‚

Other Words for Poem

Poem Noun Synonyms: verse, lyric, rhyme or archaic rime, song, ode, rhapsody, jingle, ditty

Georgic Poems

Life Style / Poetry / Georgic Poems: Characterizing the life of the farmer. MORE

Found Poem

Life Style / Poetry / Found Poem: A passage in a piece of prose shaped by a reader into quasi-metrical lines and republished as a poem. MORE

Conceptual Abstraction

Technology / Programming / Conceptual Abstraction: The ability for people to create different points of view on a design, depending on the relevant degree of detail. Through stepwise refinement, one traverses multiple levels of abstraction. Similarly, MORE