Entertainment / Literature / Action: A real or fictional event or series of such events comprising the subject of a novel, story, narrative poem, or a play, especially in the sense of what the characters do in such a narrative. Action, along with dialogue and the characters' thoughts, form the skeleton of a narrative's plot.

Other Words for Action

Action Noun Synonyms: activity, performance, movement, motion, energy, liveliness, vim, vigor, spirit, vitality, enterprise, initiative

Dipole-Dipole Interaction

Science / Chemistry / Dipole-Dipole Interaction: Electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged poles of two or more dipoles. MORE

X-Ray Diffraction Pattern

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Diffraction Pattern: Interference patterns created by x-rays as they pass through a solid material. Studying x-ray diffraction patterns gives detailed information on the three-dimensional structure of crystals, surfaces, MORE

Oxidation Half Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Oxidation Half Reaction: That part of a redox reaction that involves loss of electrons. In the oxidation half reaction, the oxidation number of one or more atoms within the reactants is increased. MORE

Standard Enthalpy Of Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Standard Enthalpy Of Reaction: A change in enthalpy associated with a reaction involving substances in their standard states. MORE

Concentric Contraction

Health / Fitness / Concentric Contraction: An isotonic muscle contraction, where a muscle contracts or shortens. MORE

Axis Of Action

Technology / Television (TV) / Axis Of Action: In the continuity (or 180) system, the line of action around which the space of the scene is oriented. MORE