Advanced Pronunciation

Entertainment / Literature / Advanced Pronunciation: In linguistics, John Algeo defines this as an early instance of a historical sound change in progress (311). This is the opposite of a retarded pronunciation, in which an older pronunciation lingers in a dialect even after a newer pronunciation appears in other regions.

Other Words for Pronunciation

Pronunciation Adjective Synonyms: enunciation, articulation, elocution, diction, speech, speech pattern, manner of speaking, delivery, accent, accentuation, intonation, inflection, modulation

Retarded Pronunciation

Entertainment / Literature / Retarded Pronunciation: An old-fashioned way of pronunciation that lingers in one dialect even after a newer pronunciation has been accepted by other dialects in the same language. Contrast with advanced pronunciation. MORE

Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System (NAMPS)

Technology / Cell Phones / Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System (NAMPS): Combines cellular voice processing with digital signaling, increasing the capacity of AMPS systems and adding functionality. MORE

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)

Technology / Television (TV) / Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC): An acronym for Advanced Television Systems Committee, and the name of the DTV system used by broadcasters in the U.S. In European they use the COFDM standard. A digital tuner made for use in Europe ca MORE

Advanced Television (ATV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Advanced Television (ATV): Advanced Television is an earlier term used to describe the development and advance applications of digital television, now simply referred to as DTV. MORE

Pronunciation Spelling

Entertainment / Literature / Pronunciation Spelling: A new spelling of an old word that more accurately reflects the current pronunciation than the original spelling does. MORE

Received Pronunciation

Entertainment / Literature / Received Pronunciation: The accent used by upper class British citizens--usually considered a prestigious or 'classy' pronunciation. Linguists refer to this accent by the abbreviation RP. [One personal aside--for any compute MORE