Aesthetic Distance

Entertainment / Literature / Aesthetic Distance: An effect of tone, diction, and presentation in poetry creating a sense of an experience removed from irrelevant or accidental events. This sense of intentional focus seems intentionally organized or framed by events in the poem so that it can be more fully understood by quiet contemplation. Typically, the reader is less emotionally involved or impassioned--reacting to the material in a calmer manner.

Other Words for Aesthetic

Aesthetic Adjective Synonyms: artistic, tasteful, beautiful, in good, excellent, taste

Other Words for Distance

Distance Verb Synonyms: remoteness, space, gap, interval, mileage, footage, stretch
Distance Noun Synonyms: separate, detach, dissociate, disassociate

Focus Distance

Technology / Television (TV) / Focus Distance: The distance from the camera to the object being focused on. MORE

Distance Symbols

Entertainment / Photography / Distance Symbols: Symbols used on the focus control of simple cameras, as a focusing guide. MORE

Free Working Distance

Entertainment / Photography / Free Working Distance: Distance between the front of the lens and the subject. MORE