Entertainment / Literature / Affix: James Algeo defines an affix as 'a morpheme added to a baseor stem to modify its meaning' (311). If an affix is attached to the beginning of a stem (or base word), the affix is called a prefix. If an affix is attached to the end of a stem, the affix is called a suffix. From Old English, Modern English speakers gain prefixes like un- (unlike, undo, unafraid). From Latin, we gain prefixes like re- (redo, replay, reactivate). From Old English, we gain suffixes such as -dom (kingdom, freedom). From Latin, we gain suffixes such as -ician (beautician, mortician) and -orium (pastorium, i.e., a Baptist parsonage). From Greek -izein, we gain the popular verb ending -ize (criticize, harmonize, pasteurize, even neologisms like finalize).


Entertainment / Literature / Affixation: Making words by adding an affix to a previously existing base word or stem. For instance, the affix -ly can be added to the base word (or stem) quick to create the word quickly. This process is affixa MORE

Trade Fixture

Business / Real Estate / Trade Fixture: An article of personal property annexed or affixed to leased premises by the tenant as a necessary part of the tenants trade or business. At the termination of a lease, a tenant must leave most fixtur MORE

Real Property

Business / Finance / Real Property: Land plus all other property that is in some way attached to the land. MORE