Entertainment / Literature / Aided: (pluralaideda): A tale in prose or mixed prose and poetry in which a hero, poet, or ruler suffers a violent death, often occurring at a liminal time or place such as the Samhain festival or at an otherworldly banquet-hall. Frequently the ending follows the motif of the threefold death. According to Dan Wiley's article in Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia, some thirty-five such tales explicitly labeled aideda survive from Old or Middle Irish between 650-1250 C.E. (see Duffy 10-11).


Technology / Television (TV) / Keyframe: In animation, the essential frames used to construct a character's movement. If the animation is computer aided, the animator designs the keyframes and the computer automatically generates the frames MORE


Science / Weather / Photosphere: The intensely bright portion of the sun visible to the unaided eye; the 'surface' of the sun. Reaching temperatures estimated at about 11,000?‚°F, it is the portion of the sun's atmosphere which em MORE

Cruise Director

Life Style / Travel / Cruise Director: The cruise director is in charge of all onboard entertainment and social events. Aided by the assistant cruise director, the cruise director is the most visible member of the staff member. MORE