Alliterative Prose

Entertainment / Literature / Alliterative Prose: Many texts of Old English and Middle English prose use the same techniques as alliterative verse. Aelfric (c. 955-1010 CE) and Wulfstan (d. 1023) wrote many treatises using skillful alliteration. The Herefordshire texts known collectively as the 'The Katherine Group' (Hali Meiohad, Sawles Warde, Seinte Katerine, Seinte Marherete, Seinte Iuliene) are some examples in Middle English.

Other Words for Prose

Prose Noun Synonyms: (expository) writing, text, language


Entertainment / Liquor / Prosecco: An Italian sparkling wine. MORE

Purple Prose

Entertainment / Literature / Purple Prose: Writing that seems overdone or which makes excessive use of imagery, figures of speech, poetic diction, and polysyllabication. These artifices become so overblown that they accidentally become silly o MORE

Prose Poem

Life Style / Poetry / Prose Poem: Continuous, non-end-stopped writing that has other traits of poetry and is, from its context, associated with poems. MORE