Alphabet Poem

Entertainment / Literature / Alphabet Poem: An acrostic poem of thirteen lines in which each line consists of two words, each word beginning with sequential letters in the alphabetic pattern ABCDEF, etc. Deutsche noteas that many poets like Paul West take liberties such as using Greek or Russian letters and introducing -ex compounds. Here is an example from West: Artichokes, Bubbly, Caviar, Dishes, Epicures Favor, Gourmets Hail, Ices, Juicy, Kickshaws, Luxurious, Mousses, Nibblesome, Octopus, Pheasant, Quiches, Sweets, Treats Utterly Vanquish Weightwatchers, Xenodochy's Yum-yum! (West, qtd. In Deutsche 11)

Other Words for Poem

Poem Noun Synonyms: verse, lyric, rhyme or archaic rime, song, ode, rhapsody, jingle, ditty

Phonemic Alphabet

Life Style / Poetry / Phonemic Alphabet: The twelve vowel sounds and twenty-two consonant sounds that make up spoken english, normally encoded between virgules / /. MORE

Occasional Poem

Entertainment / Literature / Occasional Poem: A poem written or recited to commemorate a specific event such as a wedding, an anniversary, a military victory or failure, a funeral, a holiday, or other notable date. It may be light or serious. Not MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Poem: Defined by samuel johnson in his great dictionary (1755) as 'the work of a poet: a metrical composition.' MORE