Entertainment / Literature / Alphabetic: The adjective alphabetic refers to any writing system in which each unit or letter represents a single sound in theory. English writing is theoretically alphabetic--but in actual point of fact is so riddled with exceptions and oddities that it hardly counts--as discussed here.


Entertainment / Literature / Digraph: Any use of two alphabetical letters to indicate a single phonetic sound. For instance, in phonograph, the letters spell the /f/ sound. Likewise, in the word dumb, the letters create the /m/ MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Fragment: An incomplete piece of literature--one the author never finished entirely--such as Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan'--or one in which part of the manuscript has been lost due to damage or neglect--such as the MORE


Business / Construction / Index: The interest rate or adjustment standard that determines the changes in monthly payments for an adjustable rate loan. MORE

Packing List

Technology / Motorcycle / Packing List: A Packing List is an alphabetical list of items to be taken with you when you travel on your motorcycle. It may contain categories such as Regular Stuff, Clothes, and Toiletries. Usually it also ident MORE


Business / Debt / Guarantee: A commitment made by a person to be answerable for the debts or liabilities of another. MORE


Business / Taxes / Ranking: Ranking is a method of assigning a value to an investment in relation to comparable investments by using a scale. The scale might be a straightforward numerical (1 to 5) or alphabetical (A to E) syste MORE