Entertainment / Literature / Alveolar: This adjective refers to any sound made by the tongue's approaching the gum ridge. Examples include the sounds /n/, /l/, /z/ and /s/.

Ridge (Alveolar)

Health / Dentistry / Ridge (Alveolar): The alveolar process and its soft tissue covering that remain after the teeth are removed. MORE

Alveolar Mucosa

Health / Dentistry / Alveolar Mucosa: The mucous membrane covering the basal part of the alveolar process and continuing without demarcation into the vestibular fornix and the floor of the mouth. It is loosely attached to the periosteum a MORE

Residual Ridge

Health / Dentistry / Residual Ridge: A remnant of the alveolar process and soft tissue covering after teeth are removed. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Reimplantation: Act of reinserting a tooth into the alveolar socket from which it had been avulsed. MORE

Cortical Bone

Health / Dentistry / Cortical Bone: A peripheral layer of compact osseous tissue. The average thickness of the cortex of alveolar bone is two millimeters. MORE

Ridge Crest

Health / Dentistry / Ridge Crest: The highest continuous surface of the alveolar ridge. MORE