Entertainment / Literature / Anacreontics: Poetry or song-verse modeled on the poetry of the Greek poet Anacreon--i.e., carpe diem poetry praising hedonistic pleasures of wine, women, and song, written in trochaic tetrameter. Here is a typical example of Anacreon's poetry in Stanley's translation: Fruitful earth drinks up the rain, Trees from earth drink that again, The sea drinks the air, the sun Drinks the sea, and him the moon. Is it reason then, d'ye think, I should thirst when all else drink?

Anacreontic Verse

Life Style / Poetry / Anacreontic Verse: Imitations of the 6th-century b.c. greek poet anacreon, who wrote about love and wine. Thomas moore translated anacreon's odes in 1800. Abraham cowley adapted them in his anacreontics. MORE

Carpe Diem

Entertainment / Literature / Carpe Diem: Literally, the phrase is Latin for 'seize the day,' from carpere (to pluck, harvest, or grab) and the accusative form of die (day). The term refers to a common moral or theme in classical literature t MORE