Entertainment / Literature / Analogue: (also spelled analog) A story that contains similar characters, situations, settings, or verbal echoes to those found in a different story. Sometimes analogues reveal that one version was adopted from or inspired by another, or that both tales originate in a lost, older text. When one version is clearly the ancestor of another, literary scholars refer to it as a 'source.' For instance, Romeo and Juliet and Westside Story are analogues, with Romeo and Juliet being a loose source for the other. The character of Utnapishtim in the Babylonian flood legend is an analogue for the character of Noah in the Hebrew Bible. In other cases, analogues appear that probably have no direct connection to each other. Grettir's Saga, which includes a wrestling bout between the strongest Icelander and an evil spirit, is often thought of as an analogue to Beowulf, in which a hero with the strength of thirty men wrestles with the monster Grendel. Grettir dives under an ocean-side waterfall and does battle with a Troll-wife, just as Beowulf dives into a lake and does battle with Grendel's mother. These two pairs of scenes are analogues to each other. Most of Chaucer's stories in The Canterbury Tales have analogues with varying degrees of correspondence, often these are of French or Italian origin.

Analogue Digital Converter (ADC)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Analogue Digital Converter (ADC): Analogue to Digital Converter, this takes the analogue output and is able to turn it into digital format so that it can be manipulated and altered by the DSP. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Source: (1) An earlier work of literature or folklore used as the basis of a later work. Scholars use the term source only when it is clear that one of the manuscripts or one piece of oral transmission influe MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Diseeqc: Diseqc™ (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) system, is a communication bus between satellite TV system receivers and peripheral equipment using only the existing coaxial cable. Diseqc™ can be in MORE