Entertainment / Literature / Annal: Another term for a chronicle, a brief year-by-year account of events.

The Annals Of Internal Medicine

Health / Massage / The Annals Of Internal Medicine: A medical journal especially concerned with information in the field of internal medicine (adult medicine). Designed to be read largely by internists, the Annals states it is 'is the leading journal f MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Historia: (pluralhistoriae): This Latin word gives us the modern word history, but the connection between the two terms is tenuous. Most modern readers think of a history or a historical treatise as a scholar's MORE

Confucian Classics

Entertainment / Literature / Confucian Classics: Five ancient Chinese writings commonly attributed to Confucius, though it is likely they are actually compilations of traditional material predating him. The five classics include the I Ching (The Boo MORE