Entertainment / Literature / Anthology: (from Grk. Anther+logos, 'flower-words') Literally implying a collection of flowers, the term anthology refers to a collection of poetry, drama, or verse. English majors may be familiar with the ubiquitous Norton Anthology of British Literature, for instance. The first collection of poetry thus labeled was The Anthology, a collection of some 4,500 Greek poems dating between 490 BCE and 1,000 CE.


Entertainment / Music / Madrigal: Renaissance secular work originating in Italy for voices, with or without instruments, set to a short, lyric love poem: also popular in England. MORE

Sick Verse

Life Style / Poetry / Sick Verse: Mordant, black-humoured or horrific works such as edgar allan poe's 'the raven,' robert browning's ''childe roland to the dark tower came',' and robert service's 'the cremation of sam mcgee.' this ter MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Waka: A Japanese genre of poetry closely related to the tanka, consisting of alternate five- and seven-syllable lines. The primary difference seems to be that the word waka dates back to the sixth century B MORE