Entertainment / Literature / Arras: In Renaissance drama, a hanging tapestry or a curtain that covered a part of the frons scenae. It hid the discovery space and may have draped around the stage's edge to hide the open area underneath. In Hamlet, Hamlet stabs Polonius through such an arras.

BARRAs Performance Analysis (PERFAN)

Business / Finance / BARRAs Performance Analysis (PERFAN): A method developed by BARRA, a consulting firm in Berkeley, Calif. It is commonly used by institutional investors applying performance attribution analysis to evaluate their money managers' performanc MORE

Overdraft Protection

Business / Accounting / Overdraft Protection: Procedure agreed upon by an account holder and a bank in advance to transfer funds from a savings or credit account to a checking account to cover insufficient funds. MORE

Faux Amis

Entertainment / Literature / Faux Amis: (French, 'false friends') Words in two languages that may technically be cognates with each other (i.e., descended down two separate etymological branches to a common root word), but which are not equ MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Euphemism: Using a mild or gentle phrase instead of a blunt, embarrassing, or painful one. For instance, saying 'Grandfather has gone to a better place' is a euphemism for 'Grandfather has died.' The idea is to MORE

Order Of The Garter

Entertainment / Literature / Order Of The Garter: An elite order of knights first founded around 1347-1348 by King Edward III. The Knights of the Garter traditionally wore as their emblem a lady's garter around one leg. According to one legend, this MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Posterize: Verb; to embarrass an opponent or rival by dunking over him, or by taking advantage of a lapse on his part. For example, a player may attempt to block a dunk but fail (due to the defensive play of his MORE