Ask Word

Entertainment / Literature / Ask Word: In linguistics, Algeo defines this as any of the words whose historical sound becomes the vowel /a/ in Eastern New England and in British pronunciation (313).

Other Words for Ask

Ask Verb Synonyms: question, interrogate, query, quiz, inquire or enquire (of)

Other Words for Word

Word Noun Synonyms: put (forth), say, couch, express, phrase, utter, state, term, style, set forth
Word Adjective Synonyms: (little) talk, (brief) conversation, chat, discussion, consultation, dialogue, huddle, parley, tˆte-…-tˆte, chit-chat, confabulation, conference, interview, powwow, confab


Entertainment / Photography / Mask: Is an opaque material used to cover the edges of the printing paper, and thus produce borders when the paper is exposed to light. MORE

Market Basket

Business / Agriculture / Market Basket: Average quantities of consumables, including U.S. farm foods, purchased per household for a given base period, used to compute an index of retail prices. MORE

Marked Word

Entertainment / Literature / Marked Word: A word that has some limitation or boundary in its meaning when contrasted with an unmarked word without such a limitation or boundary. Algeo points to the example of stallion (marked for male gender) MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Masking: Is a system of controlling negative density ranges or color saturation through the use of unsharp masks. MORE

Masking Fluid

Life Style / Painting / Masking Fluid: A latex gum product that is used to cover a surface you wish to protect from receiving paint. Miskit by Grumbacher and Art masking fluid by Winsor & Newton are two such products. Also referred to as l MORE

Meta Keywords

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Meta Keywords: The meta keywords tag is a tag which can be used to highlight keywords and keyword phrases which the page is targeting. Many people spammed meta keyword tags and searchers typically never see the tag, MORE