Entertainment / Literature / Assimilation: Algeo defines linguistic assimilation as 'The process by which two sounds become more alike' (313). We can see this in the word spaceship, where the /s/ sound represented by the often assimilates or blurs to match the sound represented by the . Assimilation also occurs when the <-ed> endings of words are pronounced /t/ after unvoiced sounds but /d/ after voiced sounds (313).

Assimilation Efficiency

Science / Marine Biology / Assimilation Efficiency: The fraction of ingested food that is absorbed and used in metabolism MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Colonialism: The term refers broadly and generally to the habit of powerful civilizations to 'colonize' less powerful ones. On the obvious level, this process can take the form of a literal geographic occupation, MORE


Entertainment / Literature / I-Mutation: Also called initial mutation, an i-mutation is a change to the initial sound of a word in response to other words appearing in the sentenc. This is a common feature of Celtic languages like Irish and MORE