Athematic Verb

Entertainment / Literature / Athematic Verb: Algeo defines this as 'An Indo-European verb stem formed without a thematic vowel' (313). The letter m in Modern English verb am is a remnant of an Indo-European athematic verb ending.

Strong Verb

Entertainment / Literature / Strong Verb: In Germanic languages, a strong verb is one whose linguistic principal parts were formed by ablaut of the stem vowel, as opposed to a weak verb, which forms its parts by adding a dental suffix such as MORE

Reverberant Field

Technology / Home Audio / Reverberant Field: The sound field that exists when the reflected sound at a listening position predominates over the direct sound from the source. This contrasts with near field effects. Layout, reflectivity and spatia MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Reverb: Abbreviation for reverberation, a complex blend of multiple interacting reflections within an enclosed space which combines with the direct sound from a source and defines the character of the sound i MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Verb: A word that 'does' the subject's action in a sentence or shows a state of being or equation. For instance, 'He sang to her.' The word sang is the verb. Typically verbs can appear in various tenses (li MORE

Verbal Ejaculation

Entertainment / Literature / Verbal Ejaculation: A sudden verbal outburst or interjection expressing a strong emotion, surprise, dismay, disbelief, or pain--such as teehee, ha-ha, tush, faugh, yuck, ho-ho, and ouch. MORE

Weak Verb

Entertainment / Literature / Weak Verb: In linguistics, a Germanic verb whose principle parts require the addition of a dental suffix--i.e., typically a /d/ or a /t/. Contrast with a strong verb, one whose linguistic principal parts were fo MORE