Entertainment / Literature / Aubade: (also called a dawn song) A genre of poetry in which a short poem's subject is about the dawn or the coming of the dawn, or it is a piece of music meant to be sung or played outdoors at dawn. Examples include Browning's 'The year's at the spring / And day's at the morn' from Pippa Passes or Shakespeare's 'Hark! Hark! The lark.' Some poems, such as John Donne's 'Busy old sun,' share traits with the dawn song. Troilus and Criseyde also contains an example of the genre within its larger narrative. Cf. The Proven???┬žal equivalent, an alba.


Entertainment / Literature / Aube: A dawn-song or aubade, but specifically one sung by a friend watching over a pair of lovers until dawn to prevent any interruption to their love-making or to cover up the noise of the love-making. Con MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alba: (Provencal 'dawn') A medieval lyric or morning serenade about the coming of dawn. The alba's refrain typically ends with the word 'dawn.' The theme can be religioius, but more frequently the theme foc MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Lyric: (from Greek lyra 'song') The lyric form is as old as Egypt (surviving examples date back to 2600 BCE), and examples exist in early Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and other sources. If literature from every cul MORE