Entertainment / Literature / Audience: The person(s) reading a text, listening to a speaker, or observing a performance.

Target Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Target Audience: The audience most desired by advertisers in terms of potential product/service usage and revenue potential. MORE

Audience Flow

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Flow: A measure of the change in audience during and between programs. Audience flow shows the percentages of people or households who turn on or off a program, switch to or from another channel, or remain MORE

Implied Audience

Entertainment / Literature / Implied Audience: The 'you' a writer or poet refers to or implies when creating a dramatic monologue. This implied audience might be (but is not necessarily) the reader of the poem, or it might be the vague outline or MORE

Audience Duplication

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Duplication: The extent to which the audience of one station is exposed to that of another. MORE

Audience Composition

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Composition: The distribution of a station's audiences by demographic group. MORE

Fragmentation (Audience)

Technology / Television (TV) / Fragmentation (Audience): The increasing number of audience subdivisions which, together, constitute total TV usage. Television audiences are said to be fragmented, for example, across a broad spectrum of video sources: multip MORE