Entertainment / Literature / Autobiography: A non-fictional account of a person's life--usually a celebrity, an important historical figure, or a writer--written by that actual person. Contrast with the autobiographical novel, above.

Spiritual Autobiography

Entertainment / Literature / Spiritual Autobiography: An autobiography (usually Christian) that focuses on an individual's spiritual growth. The plot is typically chronological in structure, and it usually focuses on inner struggles within the narrator, MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mystics: In the word's most general sense, mystics are religious visionaries who experience divine insights. In medieval scholarship, the term 'mystics' or 'mystic writers' is often used as a collective term f MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Diary: An informal record of a person's private life and day-to-day thoughts and concerns. Conventionally, daily entries take epistolary form with the introductory phrase, 'Dear Diary.' Since the subject-mat MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Erratum: (pluralerrata): An error in a printed text that comes about from transposed letters, missing lines of text, or simple typesetting errors resulting from a printer or a printer's apprentice's mistake wh MORE

Middle Passage

Entertainment / Literature / Middle Passage: The sea-voyage from Africa to the West Indies and/or the Americas commonly used by slave-traders. It plays a prominent part in slave-narratives and abolitionist literature, including works such as Aph MORE

Autobiographical Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Autobiographical Novel: In contrast with the autobiography, an autobiographical novel is a semi-fictional narrative based in part on the author's life experience, but these experiences are often transposed onto a fictional c MORE