Entertainment / Literature / Awdl: (from Middle Welsh odl) The term in Welsh poetry has come to acquire several meanings. In its earliest usage, an awdl meant a stave bearing the rhyme in any poem. Next, it came to mean a series of monorhymes or a poem in monorhyme by a bard. Even later, the term came to mean a poem written in awdl meter. By the late Renaissance, the term meant a lengthy poem written in cynghanedd and in one of the strict meters. In modern Wales, the creation of an effective awdl is considered the apogee of a bard's achievement. See also bard, cynghanedd, monorhyme, and strict meter.

Free Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Free Meter: Not to be confused with free verse, free meter refers to a type of Welsh poetry in which the meters do not correspond to the 'strict meters' established in the 1400s. Cf. Free verse, strict meter, awd MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Cynghanedd: (pronounced kun HAN neth, lit. Welsh for 'symphony') A Welsh term that loosely denotes sound similarities peculiar to Welsh poetry, especially alliteration and internal rhyme. Typically, the consonant MORE