Bachic Foot

Entertainment / Literature / Bachic Foot: A three-syllable foot of poetry consisting of a light stress followed by two heavy stresses. This verse pattern was not unknown in Greek verse, but is fairly rare in English verse. An example of a phrase that corresponds in meter to the Bachic foot is 'a strong king.' The bachic foot is also called a bachius, and poetry written in bacchic feet is said to be written in bachic meter. See meter.

Footsie (FTSE)

Business / Finance / Footsie (FTSE): Used in the context of general equities. Investment banks published list of buy and sell recommendations from its research department; signified by a flashing 'F' on Quotron. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Footstock: Part of an indexing, attachment which has a center and serves the same purpose as the tail stock of a lathe. MORE


Health / Fitness / Footprint: A designeted space required for a workout machine. MORE