Back Vowel

Entertainment / Literature / Back Vowel: A vowel made with the topmost portion of the tongue in the back of the oral cavity. These include the vowel sounds found in ooze, oomph, go, law, and father. For a list of IPA phonetic transcriptions for vowels in PDF format, click here.

Other Words for Back

Back Verb Synonyms: invest in, wager or bet on
Back Adjective Synonyms: rear, service, servants'
Back Adverb Synonyms: to or toward(s) the rear, rearward(s), backward(s), away
Back Noun Synonyms: backside, rear, dorsum

Rounded Vowel

Entertainment / Literature / Rounded Vowel: A vowel made with the lips sticking out--i.e., all of the back vowels except [a]. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Kickbacks: The dividers between lanes; so called because pins often kick back off a divider to knock other pins downs. MORE

Lax Vowel

Entertainment / Literature / Lax Vowel: In linguistics, a vowel made with mostly relaxed tongue muscles [i], [e], [u], and [o], in contrast to the tense vowels like [I], [U], etc. MORE


Business / Finance / Leaseback: A transaction that involves the sale of some property, and an agreement by the seller to lease the property back from the buyer after the sale. MORE

Linebacker (LB)

Entertainment / Football / Linebacker (LB): A player position on defense. The linebackers typically play 1 to 6 yards behind the defensive linemen and are the most versatile players on the field because they can defend both run and pass defense MORE

Limitation On Sale-And-Leaseback

Business / Finance / Limitation On Sale-And-Leaseback: A bond covenant that restricts in some way a firm's ability to enter into sale-and-leaseback transactions, financing techniques that could affect creditor thinness.. MORE