Battle Of Hastings

Entertainment / Literature / Battle Of Hastings: This battle in 1066 CE marks the rough boundary between the end of the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) period from about 450-1066 CE and the beginning of the Middle English period from about 1066-1450. No other historical event except perhaps the Great Vowel Shift (c. 1400-1450 CE) has had such a potent influence on the development of English. The battle took place between Duke William the Bastard (later known as King William I or 'William the Conqueror') and the last claimant to the Anglo-Saxon throne, King Harold. William felt that King Edward the Confessor (who died childless in the twenty-fourth year of his reign) had promised him the throne of England. Duke William, leading a band of Norman and Picardian mercenaries, traveled from his dukedom in Normandy (northwestern France) to southeast England by sailing across the English channel after receiving the Pope's blessing. After William defeated Harold and pillaged southeast England, the citizens of London surrendered. He continued conquering sections of England until the 1080s, but 1066 was the decisive moment in history that positioned him for inevitable expansion and increasingly centralized control. William rapidly deposed or killed all Anglo-Saxon noblemen, priests, bishops, and archbishops, replacing them with French-speaking officials, favoring those knights who had fought for him previously.

Other Words for Battle

Battle Noun Synonyms: fight, conflict, combat, action, encounter, clash, engagement, struggle, Donnybrook, fray, affray, brawl, fracas, mele, contest, duel, hand-to-hand encounter
Battle Verb Synonyms: fight, contend, struggle, fight with, strive against, combat

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