Beasts Of Battle

Entertainment / Literature / Beasts Of Battle: A motif common in medieval Germanic literature (including Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and continental German poems) in which a raven, a wolf, and an eagle (or vulture) appear in short sequence--often one right after another. Because these three creatures scavenge the bodies of fallen warriors, they together serve as quick foreshadowing that a battle is about to occur.

Other Words for Battle

Battle Verb Synonyms: fight, contend, struggle, fight with, strive against, combat
Battle Noun Synonyms: fight, conflict, combat, action, encounter, clash, engagement, struggle, Donnybrook, fray, affray, brawl, fracas, mele, contest, duel, hand-to-hand encounter

Place Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Place Of Articulation: The point in the oral cavity where the position of speech organs (lips, teeth, tongue, etc.) Is most important for a particular sound. MORE

Pie Model Of Capital Structure

Business / Finance / Pie Model Of Capital Structure: A model of the debt-equity ratio of the firms, graphically depicted in slices of a pie that represent the value of the firm in the capital markets. MORE

Picked Off

Entertainment / Football / Picked Off: Intercepted. MORE