Entertainment / Literature / Beat: A heavy stress or accent in a line of poetry. The number of beats or stresses in a line usually determines the meter of the line. See meter.

Other Words for Beat

Beat Verb Synonyms: strike, pound, bash, smite, batter, pummel or pommel, belabour, pelt, clout, thrash, give (someone) a thrashing or beating, drub, manhandle, thump, whack, cane, scourge, whip, bludgeon, club, cudgel, fustigate, whip, flog, lash , clobber, wallop
Beat Adjective Synonyms: dead beat, exhausted, spent, drained, worn out, weary, bone-tired, fatigued, fagged
Beat Noun Synonyms: stroke, blow


Entertainment / Music / Upbeat: Last beat of a measure, a weak beat, which anticipates the downbeat (the first beat of the next measure). MORE


Entertainment / Music / Offbeat: A weak beat or any pulse between the beats in a measured rhythmic pattern. MORE

Down Beat

Entertainment / Music / Down Beat: First beat of the measure, the strongest in any meter. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Beater: Beginning riders should not attempt to buy a new motorcycle as their first bike. Almost always, a new rider will take a spill or two on their first bike and cause some physical damage. It's better if MORE

Beat The Defense

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Beat The Defense: To get by one or both of the defensemen. MORE

Beat The Goalie

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Beat The Goalie: To score a goal, usually by faking out or outsmarting the opposing goaltender. MORE