Bel Inconnu

Entertainment / Literature / Bel Inconnu: (The Fair Unknown,' from Breton French le bel inconnu) A motif common to fairy tales, folklore and medieval Romance in which the protagonist's identity remains unknown until some suitably dramatic moment. This anonymity may result from a child being raised as an orphaned commoner until the revelation of an heirloom proves the child is noble-born, or it may result from a hero's intentional disguise in order to penetrate certain social circles, as in the case of a boy who disguises himself so that he can work in the kitchens near the knights, later becoming a page, and then ultimately becoming a knight himself. In a third definition, le bel inconnu might be a famous, prestigious knight who is so doughty in combat that no one will face him willingly (e.g., Lancelot). This knight must then enter the jousting lists disguised so that his opponents will not refuse the match. The motif appears in tales such as Lybeaus Desconus, a romance written in tail-rhyme by Thomas Chester, a fourteenth-century poet. In that romance, a young knight named Guinglian, the son of Sir Gawain, assumes the name Lybeaus Desconus (i.e., 'the fair unknown') to hide his illustrious ancestry. See motif, fairy tale, romance.

Hip Belt

Health / Pilates / Hip Belt: An imaginary belt slung low across your hips, from one pelvic bone to the other. Visualizing tightening this belt will draw the hipbones closer together as you exhale to engage your transverse abdomin MORE

Harvey, Campbell R.

Business / Finance / Harvey, Campbell R.: Often used in risk arbitrage. Antitrust act administered by U.S. Department of Justice and the FTC that requires an investor to file a form with the government before he acquires an economic interest MORE


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