Entertainment / Literature / Blocking: The spatial grouping and movement of characters on stage. Typically, good blocking ensures that all characters are visible to the audience, that the stage is not cluttered with a clump of actors in any one area, and that important action or actors remain positioned in such a way as to emphasize their centrality to the story. The best blocking arranged characters in a symbolic manner. The term should not be confused with blocking agent (see below).

Deep Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Deep Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with single-camera productions, particularly those shot on location. The depth of the 'set' is emphasized by the ability of one actor to be positioned near the camera and MORE

Shallow Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Shallow Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with multiple-camera, studio set productions, where, due to the shallow sets, the actors mostly move side-to-side, rather than up-and-back. MORE

Ad Blocking

Business / Internet Marketing / Ad Blocking: The blocking of Web advertisements, typically the image in graphical Web advertisements. MORE