Entertainment / Literature / Bob-And-Wheel: A metrical devise in some alliterative-verse poetry, especially that of the Pearl Poet and that of fourteenth-century poems like Sir Tristrem. The first short line of a group of rhyming lines is known as the 'bob' and the subsequent four are a quatraine called the 'wheel.' The bob contains one stress preceded by either one or occasionally two unstressed syllables (i.e., the bob is only two or three syllables long). Each line of the wheel contains three stresses. Together, the bob-and-wheel constitutes five lines rhyming in an ABABA pattern. Since it matches the alliterative pattern of the first part of the stanza, but also fits the rhyme scheme of the last five lines, the 'bob' serves as a structural bridge between the alliterative sections and the rhyming sections of the poem. It is easier to understand by looking at an example.


Life Style / Poetry / Wheel: An alliterative rhyming quatrain with four-stress lines that follows the so-called bob, known together as a bob-and-wheel. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Wheel-And-Bob: Another term for Bob-and-Wheel. MORE