Bound Morpheme

Entertainment / Literature / Bound Morpheme: A morpheme used exclusively as part of a larger word rather than one that can stand alone and retain independent meaning. Examples include the morpheme ept in the word inept, or the morpheme gruntle in the word disgruntled. This term is the opposite of a free morpheme, which can function by itself as a word, such as the morphemes it and self in the word itself.

Other Words for Bound

Bound Noun Synonyms: leap, jump, vault, spring, bounce, hop
Bound Verb Synonyms: limit, restrict, confine, delimit, define, circumscribe
Bound Adjective Synonyms: tied, fast, fixed, fastened, confined, secured

Free Morpheme

Entertainment / Literature / Free Morpheme: Any morpheme that can function by itself as a word, such as the two morphemes it and self found in the word itself. This is the opposite of a bound morpheme, one that only makes sense when it is part MORE

Base Morpheme

Entertainment / Literature / Base Morpheme: A free or bound morpheme, to which other meaningful sounds can be added to form words. Examples of base morphemes include base in basic, or frame in reframe. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Morpheme: Linguistically, the smallest collection of sounds or letters in a spoken or written word that has semiotic importance or significance--a unit of meaning that cannot be divided into tinier units of mea MORE