Entertainment / Literature / Breton: A Celtic language spoken in the northwestern part of France. Not to be confused with a Briton with an -i (i.e., a British person). See further discussion under 'Bretons' below.

Breton Lai

Entertainment / Literature / Breton Lai: (also spelled Breton lay) Another term for a lai. See lai. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Bretons: The Celtic inhabitants of Brittany (Little Britain') in northeast France who speak the Breton language. The term is related to British 'Briton.' The Bretons may be responsible for carrying Arthurian l MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Viking: Technically, in its most exclusive sense, a viking is a pirate, any individual that goes i-viking (plundering') regardless of the buccaneer's ethnicity. Historically, Irishmen, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, B MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Lai: (plural lais, also spelled lay) A short narrative or lyrical poem, usually in octosyllabic couplets, intended to be sung. Helen Cooper called the genre the 'mini-Romance' since the typical theme and c MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Bouchalès: Has several synonym names including Capbreton Rouge. Mainly grown in the Aquitaine/Charente regions of S.W. France where it is used to make red wines. MORE

Cabernet Franc

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cabernet Franc: Recently - (4-97) - discovered to be one of the parent grape varieties that gave rise to the Cabernet Sauvignon cultivar. Mainly found in cooler, damper climatic conditions than its offspring. Shows m MORE