Entertainment / Literature / Briton: An inhabitant of Britain--especially a Celtic one. Do not confuse it with a Breton, a Celtic inhabitant of Brittany in France. Note that while all the English, the Scottish, and the Welsh are often called Britons or Brits, none of them are Bretons. Additionally, only the folks in Southeastern portions of Britain are English. Calling a Scotsman or a Welshman an 'Englishman' is a good way for ignorant American travelers to have their jaws broken in a rowdy pub.


Entertainment / Literature / Breton: A Celtic language spoken in the northwestern part of France. Not to be confused with a Briton with an -i (i.e., a British person). See further discussion under 'Bretons' below. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Bretons: The Celtic inhabitants of Brittany (Little Britain') in northeast France who speak the Breton language. The term is related to British 'Briton.' The Bretons may be responsible for carrying Arthurian l MORE