Broad Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Broad Transcription: Imprecise phonetic transcription for general comparative purposes.

Other Words for Broad

Broad Adjective Synonyms: wide, expansive, large, extensive, spread out, ample, spacious
Broad Noun Synonyms: woman, girl, dame, cookie or cooky, skirt, bimbo, bird, chick, number, doll, piece (of baggage)

Narrow Transcription

Entertainment / Literature / Narrow Transcription: In linguistics, phonetic transcription that shows minute details, i.e., highly accurate transcription. The opposite term, broad transcription, implies quickly made or comparative transcriptions design MORE

Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS): Subscribers receive programs via a small satellite dish. The signal is digitized and compressed via a proprietary format and decompressed by a set-top box. In most cases it is viewed on a analog TV. S MORE

Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS): A television technology that delivers signals directly from a satellite to a home through the use of a small (usually 18') dish. MORE

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Audio Broadcasting: A broadcast standard which describes the method of transmitting digital audio. MORE

Broadside Ballads

Life Style / Poetry / Broadside Ballads: Poems printed on one side of a single sheet during the renaissance period. MORE

Castle Rock Broadcast Center

Technology / Television (TV) / Castle Rock Broadcast Center: The facility which provides directv with television reception, playback, encoding, and up-linking. MORE