Cavalier Poets

Entertainment / Literature / Cavalier Poets: A group of Cavalier English lyric poets who supported King Charles I and wrote during his reign. The major Cavalier poets included Carew, Waller, Lovelace, Sir John Suckling, and Herrick. They largely abandoned the sonnet form favored for a century earlier, but they still focused on the themes of love and sensuality and their work illustrates 'technical virtuosity' as J. A. Cuddon put it (125). They show strong signs of Ben Jonson's influence.


Entertainment / Literature / Cavalier: A follower of Charles I of England (ruled c. 1625-49) in his struggles with the Puritan-dominated parliament. The term is used in contrast with Roundheads, his Puritan opponents. Cavaliers were primar MORE

Metaphysical Poets

Entertainment / Literature / Metaphysical Poets: In his 1693 work, Discourse of Satire, John Dryden used the term metaphysical to describe the style of certain poets earlier in the 17th century. Later, Samual Johnson popularized the term in 1779. Th MORE

Poets Corner

Life Style / Poetry / Poets Corner: An area in the south transept of westminster abbey that holds monuments (or graves) for such as geoffrey chaucer, william shakespeare, edmund spenser, ben jonson, john milton, michael drayton, samuel MORE