Consuetudinal Be

Entertainment / Literature / Consuetudinal Be: Uninflected use of the verb be to indicate habitual or frequent action. This grammatical structure is characteristic of Black Vernacular. An example would be as follows: What you be doing on Thursdays? 'I be working every afternoon.' Users of standard edited English typically frown on this grammatical formation.

Magic Number

Entertainment / Baseball / Magic Number: This indicates the sum of the number of games that a first place team must plus the number of games that a team ranked lower in the standings must lose in order for the first place team to win a divis MORE

Macrobenthos. (Macrofauna Or Macroflora)

Science / Marine Biology / Macrobenthos. (Macrofauna Or Macroflora): Benthic organisms (animals or plants) whose shortest dimension is greater than or equal to 0.5 mm MORE

Magma Chamber

Science / Geology / Magma Chamber: A full or emptied magma reservoir in the shallow portion of the lithosphere. MORE