Contextual Symbol

Entertainment / Literature / Contextual Symbol: A unique or original symbol an author creates within the context of an individual work or an author's collected works. Examples include the Snopes family in Faulkner's collected works, who together function as a symbol of the South's moral decay, or the town of Castle Rock, Maine, which in Stephen King's works functions as a microcosmic symbol of human society. Contrast with cultural symbol, below.

Other Words for Symbol

Symbol Adjective Synonyms: representation, figure, metaphor, allegory, insigne (singular, plural is insignia), token, sign, emblem, badge, image, logotype, mark, trade mark, colophon, brand, code, abbreviation, phonogram, initialism, cryptogram, acronym, monogram, password, shibbol

Cultural Symbol

Entertainment / Literature / Cultural Symbol: A symbol widely or generally accepted as meaning something specific within an entire culture or social group, as opposed to a contextual symbol created by a single author that has meaning only within MORE


Business / Finance / Symbol: The derivatives market of Australia. MORE

Symbolist Movement

Life Style / Poetry / Symbolist Movement: Late 19th-century french writers, including mallarmé and valéry, whose verse dealt with transcendental phenomena or with images and actions whose meaning was associative rather than referential. MORE