Entertainment / Literature / Contraction: The squeezing together of sounds or words--especially when one word blurs into another--during fast or informal speech. Contractions such as I'm (I am), he's (he is), and they're (they are) are common in verbal communication, but they are often considered too loose for more formal writing.

Concentric Contraction

Health / Fitness / Concentric Contraction: An isotonic muscle contraction, where a muscle contracts or shortens. MORE

Peak Contraction

Health / Fitness / Peak Contraction: Exercising a muscle until it cramps by using shortened movements. MORE

Eccentric Contraction

Health / Fitness / Eccentric Contraction: Muscle lengthens while maintaining tension. MORE

Lanthanide Contraction

Science / Chemistry / Lanthanide Contraction: An effect that causes sixth period elements with filled 4f subshells to be smaller than otherwise expected. The intervention of the lanthanides increases the effective nuclear charge, which offsets th MORE

Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Heart Rate: The number of times your heart beats per minute. MORE


Health / Massage / Cryotherapy: Also known as ice therapy, this modality uses the application of cold hydrotherapy in the form of ice packs and cold water immersions to alleviate blood flow, swelling, and inflammation with the contr MORE