Entertainment / Literature / Convention: A common feature that has become traditional or expected within a specific genre (category) of literature or film. In Harlequin romances, it is conventional to focus on a male and female character who struggle through misunderstandings and difficulties until they fall in love. In western films of the early twentieth-century, for instance, it has been conventional for protagonists to wear white hats and antagonists to wear black hats. The wandering knight-errant who travels from place to place, seeking adventure while suffering from the effects of hunger and the elements, is a convention in medieval romances. It is a convention for an English sonnet to have fourteen lines with a specific rhyme scheme, abab, cdcd, efef, gg, and so on. The use of a chorus and the unities are dramatic conventions of Greek tragedy, while, the aside, and the soliloquy are conventions in Elizabethan tragedy. Conventions are often referred to as poetic, literary, or dramatic, depending upon whether the convention appears in a poem, short story or novel, or a play.

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Convention Noun Synonyms: assembly, meeting, gathering, congregation, congress, conference, symposium, council, conclave, diet, synod, seminar

Conventional Life Estate

Business / Real Estate / Conventional Life Estate: A conventional life estate is created intentionally by the owner. It may be established either by deed at the time the ownership is transferred during the owners life or by a provision of the owners w MORE

Conventional Gear

Technology / Aviation / Conventional Gear: Having two main landing wheels at the front and a tail wheel at the rear (as opposed to a “tricycle gear” with two mains and front or nose wheel.) Conventional gear aircraft are popularly called MORE

Conventional Memory

Technology / Computers / Conventional Memory: In a DOS environment, this would refer to a memory portion that is made available to DOS programs. In a typical DOS system, there is 1MB (megabyte) of address space available. Conventional Memory is a MORE