Cosmic Irony

Entertainment / Literature / Cosmic Irony: Another term for situational irony--especially situational irony connected to a fatalistic or pessimistic view of life. See discussion under irony, below.


Entertainment / Literature / Irony: Cicero referred to irony as 'saying one thing and meaning another.' Irony comes in many forms. Verbal irony (also called sarcasm) is a trope in which a speaker makes a statement in which its actual me MORE

Situational Irony

Entertainment / Literature / Situational Irony: Another term for universal irony. See discussion under irony. MORE

Socratic Irony

Entertainment / Literature / Socratic Irony: Adapting a form of ironic false modesty in which a speaker claims ignorance regarding a question or philosophical problem. The speaker then turns to another 'authority' and raises the question humbly, MORE

Microcosmic Orbit

Health / Tai Chi / Microcosmic Orbit: The energy circuit from the perineum up the back, around the head and back down. MORE

Macrocosmic Orbit

Health / Tai Chi / Macrocosmic Orbit: The energy circuit through the legs to top of head and back down MORE

cosmic stance

Health / Tai Chi / cosmic stance: Standing meditation posture with arms at chest height like 'hugging a tree.' MORE