Cradle Trick

Entertainment / Literature / Cradle Trick: A sub-category of the 'bed-trick,' this is a folk motif in which the position of a cradle in a dark room leads one character to climb into bed with the wrong sexual partner. It appears prominently in Chaucer's 'The Reeve's Tale.' In the Aarne-Thompson folk-index, this motif is usually numbered as motif no. 1363.

Other Words for Trick

Trick Noun Synonyms: ruse, artifice, device, stratagem, wile, deception, maneuver, deceit, fraud, hoax, imposture, intrigue, machination, conspiracy, subterfuge, dodge, confidence trick, sham, con

Trick Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Trick Banner: A banner ad that attempts to trick people into clicking, often by imitating an operating system message. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Trick: An alternative term for 'cheat.' MORE

Trick Ending

Entertainment / Literature / Trick Ending: Another term for an O. Henry ending. MORE