Cyhydedd Hir

Entertainment / Literature / Cyhydedd Hir: A syllabic verse form in ancient Welsh poetry. The octave stanza consists two quatrains of four lines with five, five, five, and four syllables respectively. The rhyme scheme is aaax aaax, with X's indicating unrhymed lines. See octave and rhyme.

Third Molar

Health / Dentistry / Third Molar: The last of the three molar teeth, also called wisdom teeth. There are four third molars, two in the lower jaw and two in the upper jaw, one on each side. Some people are born without third molars. MORE

Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Health / Health Insurance / Third Party Administrator (TPA): A company that provides administrative services to MCOs or self-funded health plans. MORE

Third Party Originator

Business / Real Estate / Third Party Originator: Third-party originators prepare loan applications for borrowers and submit the applications to lenders. MORE

Third Stream

Entertainment / Music / Third Stream: Jazz style that synthesizes characteristics and techniques of classical music and jazz: term coined by Gunther Schuller. MORE

Third Market

Business / Taxes / Third Market: Exchange-listed securities, such as those that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), may also be bought and sold off the exchange, or over-the-counter MORE

Third Man In

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Third Man In: A player who gets involved in a fight between two other players; draws a game misconduct penalty. MORE