Dark Lady Sonnets

Entertainment / Literature / Dark Lady Sonnets: Sonnets 127-147 of the Shakespearean collection published in 1609 are known loosely as the 'Dark Lady' sonnets because most of them have an implied audience or implied subject-matter of a mysterious sexually promiscuous woman with dark features. This contrasts with the traditional Petrarchan conceits of a fair-haired and fair-skinned lover who is coldly aloof to the male speaker's wooing. Contrast with the 'young man' sonnets earlier in the collection.

Other Words for Dark

Dark Noun Synonyms: darkness, blackness, gloom, gloominess, murk, murkiness
Dark Adjective Synonyms: unlit, unlighted, unilluminated, ill-lighted, ill-lit, sunless, black, Stygian, pitch-dark, inky, jet-black

Young Man Sonnets

Entertainment / Literature / Young Man Sonnets: The first seventeen sonnets in the Shakespearean collection published in 1609. These sonnets break the normal sonnet conventions in that the implied situation is not a poetic speaker wooing a cold and MORE

Lady Patricia

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Lady Patricia: (No other details other than this cultivar, recommended for disease resistance in the State of Arkansas, is the result of a Seibel 14665 x Seyve Villard 20-365 hybrid cross that ripens around mid-Sept MORE

Lady Macbeth Strategy

Business / Finance / Lady Macbeth Strategy: Strategy in which a third party poses as a white knight in a takeover bid, and then joins forces with an unfriendly bidder. MORE