Dawn Song

Entertainment / Literature / Dawn Song: (also called an aubade) A genre of poetry common to Europe in which the poem is about the dawn or coming of dawn, or it is a piece of music meant to be sung or played outdoors at dawn. Examples include Browning's 'The year's at the spring / And day's at the morn' from Pippa Passes or Shakespeare's 'Hark! Hark! The lark.' Some poems, such as John Donne's 'Busy old sun' share traits with the dawn song, and Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde also contains an example inside its larger narrative.

Other Words for Dawn

Dawn Verb Synonyms: daybreak, sunrise, break of day, crack of dawn, first light, dawning, cock crow, aurora, day-spring, sun-up
Dawn Noun Synonyms: dawning, beginning, commencement, start, birth, awakening, inception, genesis, outset, onset, origin, appearance, arrival, advent, emergence, inauguration, rise, first occurrence

Other Words for Song

Song Adverb Synonyms: tune, air, melody, ditty, number


Entertainment / Literature / Song: A lyric poem with a number of repeating stanzas (called refrains), written to be set to music in either vocal performance or with accompaniment of musical instruments. See dawn song and lyric, above a MORE

Song (Sung)

Health / Tai Chi / Song (Sung): Loosening. Relaxation. A prerequisite for the free flow of qi is a state of relaxation in every part of the body. The joints will be lowered by gravity and the body will be firmly rooted yet light and MORE

Song Cycle

Entertainment / Music / Song Cycle: A sequence of songs, perhaps on a single theme, or with texts by one poet, or having continuos narrative. MORE