Entertainment / Literature / Decorum: The requirement that individual characters, the characters' actions, and the style of speech should be matched to each other and to the genre in which they appear. This idea was of central importance to writers and literary critics from the time of the Renaissance up through the eighteenth century. Lowly characters, low actions, and low style, for instance, were thought necessary for satire. Epic literature, on the other hand, called for characters of high estate, engaging in great actions, and speaking using elevated, poetic diction.

Other Words for Decorum

Decorum Adjective Synonyms: etiquette, proper behavior, propriety, good form, mannerliness, politeness, dignity, gentility, good manners, respectability, courtliness, deportment
Decorum Noun Synonyms: correctness, propriety, protocol, punctilio, conformity

Trench Poetry

Entertainment / Literature / Trench Poetry: Poetry and songs written by both common soldiers and professional poets focusing on the disillusionment, suffering, and ethical dismay these individuals felt at their involvement in World War I. The p MORE

Poetic Diction

Entertainment / Literature / Poetic Diction: Distinctive language used by poets, i.e., language that would not be common in their everyday speech. The most common signs of poetic diction include involve archaisms, neologisms, rhyme, and unusual MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Etiquette: Rules of behavior, propriety, decorum, manners, etc. MORE