Diaper Work

Entertainment / Literature / Diaper Work: In spite of how unpleasant the word sounds, diaper work is actually a common, beautiful design in medieval manuscripts. Here is Kathleen Scott's succinct summary of diaper work: A type of decorative background in which a series of parallel lines intersect at a 90-degree angle with another series of parallel lines to form a diamond lattice or a square lattice, with the internal surfaces rendered in colours and gold, usually used in miniatures. The overall result is much like the effect of modern wallpaper, in which a pattern appears over and over again in a slightly different location. This type of diaper work is often used as the background for medieval images.

Other Words for Work

Work Noun Synonyms: labour, toil, effort, drudgery, travail, exertion, industry
Work Verb Synonyms: feat, achievement, creation, accomplishment, opus, handiwork, oeuvre, production, composition, piece, master-work, masterpiece, chef-d'oeuvre, magnum opus, output

Telephone Network

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Total Body Workout

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Trager Work

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