Entertainment / Literature / Diary: An informal record of a person's private life and day-to-day thoughts and concerns. Conventionally, daily entries take epistolary form with the introductory phrase, 'Dear Diary.' Since the subject-matter is so intimate, the authors of diaries usually do not intend for their contents to be published--though many famous ones have been published posthumously--including the diary of Sameul Pepys (complete with all his sexual indiscretions) or the diary of William Bird. Other important diaries include those of George Fox, John Wesley, and Fanny Burney in England, and (in America) Sarah K. Knight. Contrast with memoir and autobiography.

Other Words for Diary

Diary Noun Synonyms: appointment book, date-book, calendar, engagement book, journal, chronicle, log, record, annal(s)

Qualified Intermediary

Business / Real Estate / Qualified Intermediary: Corporation or entity who facilitates a 1031 tax deferred exchange (also known as an accommodator). To be a qualified intermediary, the intermediary must not be a related party. MORE

International Finance Subsidiary

Business / Finance / International Finance Subsidiary: A subsidiary incorporated in the U.S., usually in Delaware, whose sole purpose once was to issue debentures overseas and invest the proceeds in foreign operations, with the interest paid to foreign bo MORE

Confidential Intermediary

Life Style / Adoption / Confidential Intermediary: State employee or trained volunteer sanctioned by the courts, who is given access to sealed adoption files for the purpose of conducting a search. A confidential intermediary may be hired by the inqui MORE